Regional vaccination hubs need more nurses

Regional vaccination hubs need more nurses

As the rollout of vaccinations across the country ramps up in 2021, regional vaccination hubs are calling out for nursing staff to meet the demand.

This is the opportunity for recent retirees to return to their professional or younger nurses beginning their career to consider doing so in the regional areas of Australia.

As reported in msn.com health services in regional Victoria are desperate for extra nursing staff as they face unprecedented demand for vaccinations.

Robyn Wilson, Director of Operations at the Grampians Public Health Unit, said the mass vaccination hub in Ballarat was “breaking records every day with numbers of people coming in.”

The ongoing pace of the rollout will depend on staff, with nurses at any stage of their career being sought our to help. Any nurses who maybe want to come back, if they’ve retired and want to pick up some extra shifts, or student nurses too, can come on board.

In the ABC News report, Claire Holt, Director of the COVID-19 vaccination program at Portland District Health in south-west Victoria said,

Demand went through the roof when Victoria opened eligibility to anyone over 16. Staff were stretched a little bit thin and the service was struggling to attract nurses from outside the region .