Building a Tomorrow That’s Better Than Today

Building a Tomorrow That’s Better Than Today

In February 2020 the Scenic Rim Regional Council adopted their first ever strategy focused on economic growth – the Scenic Rim Regional Prosperity Strategy 2020-25.

Developed through research and analysis in addition to engagement with both internal and external stakeholders, the five-year Scenic Rim Regional Prosperity Strategy provides for the ‘sustainable and prosperous economy’ pillar in Council’s Community Plan and Corporate Plan. Key points acknowledged by Council in developing the strategy include:

  • The ultimate goal is to create valuable jobs for local people;
  • To create jobs that build a more diverse, sustainable and dynamic economy; and the
  • Importance of partnering with the Scenic Rim’s business community to build a tomorrow that is better than today.

Acknowledging that the local economy is underpinned by strong agricultural industries and a vibrant tourism sector, the council has identified the following areas of opportunity:

  1. Tourism
  2. Agriculture
  3. Food processing and value adding
  4. Transport and Logistics
  5. Large scale industry
  6. Healthcare
  7. Education
  8. Business Services
  9. Waste to Value facility

The focus for development is supporting the existing regional business community while also welcoming new contributors as part of the regions long-term pursuit of sustainability.