Better Get Your Skates On … the Future is Now

Better Get Your Skates On … the Future is Now

I’ve been asked by Future Industries Australia to host an online networking event to discuss growth sectors that are developing in our cities and the opportunity for transitioning these to rural and regional Australia.

Future industries such as agribusiness, space tech, energy, health and wellbeing, cleantech, edtech and advanced manufacturing – the organisations that are growing with them – the entrepreneurs who are at the forefront – in addition to the associated employment opportunities and regional economic development.

Why Are We Talking About This?

Let’s talk about this in the context of the current wave of regionalism highlighted through the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on society – urban lockdowns, greater acceptability by employers of work-from-home, homegrown tourism, support of local business etc.

That old adage of ‘work/life balance’ now seems so preCovid world. It’s so much more than that now.

It’s everyday balance.  It’s work so you have more time with the kids – everyday. It’s work so you can exercise more, community more, extracurricular more – everyday. It’s less stress – everyday. It’s no commute – everyday.

Move to More in the Regions

It’s lets move to the regions and tell everybody this is a great idea – but is it? Yes, yes and definitely yes. But, but, but….

Our innovation industries want the entrepreneurs to seek out opportunity. They want organisations to open their doors in new geographic environments and provide business opportunity to supporting companies. They also want the everyday person to seek out that job opportunity located far from their existing home and base.

How Do We Make This Happen?

How do those who are already focused on the regions get this to happen?

Rural and regional Australia is heavily influenced by and reliable on their local Council. It also has its deep traditional networking base – local groups, chamber of commerce, clubs etc. How do these traditional environments work with the people who are collaborating in new and different ways such as startups, business hubs, innovation ecosystems and co-working spaces?

The issues of regional Australia include infrastructure, housing, education, health services, affects of climate change and the tyranny of distance of our big, beautiful land. How do we talk about ‘future’ industries when regions are still struggling with the challenges of doing business in the ‘now’ industries?

However, if the influencers are truly focused on growth and bringing the drivers for change to our regions, then providing collaborative opportunity for innovation is essential.

Future industries are now and if we want these opportunities for regional Australia, then we better get our skates on and make it happen.

New Industry Opportunities for Regional Australia

Who wants to start an ecosystem? Join our conversation.New industry opportunities for regional Australia
Who wants to move to regional Australia with a brilliant future industry? Join our conversation
Who is looking for opportunity in regional Australia?                        Join our conversation
Have you already had success and can provide lessons learnt?          Join our conversation                                                                               Are you responsible for the economic prosperity of your area in regional Australia? Join our conversation                                               Can you provide support and opportunity for economic growth in the regions? Join our conversation

Join Our Conversation

Join Future Industries Australia at 5.00pm on Tuesday 11 May when I host this discussion with Chad Renando, Tracy Scott-Rimington and Julia Spicer as we explore the challenges of economic development in regional Australia and how we get people together to support innovation in order to attract the entrepreneurs, industry, organisations, and small businesses of the future.

The event is free for subscribers to Future Industries Australia.

Its free to join Future Industries Australia – the only cross sector platform that provides education connection and collaboration opportunities to high-growth industries across Australia
To join the online event 5.00pm Tuesday 11 May 2021 register

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